Payment and Terms of the Forex Tools Development


6 steps to get your tool:

  1. Request. The whole process starts with the tool development request sent by the client. Please, include as much information, as possible, and describe the tool you want in detail.

  2. Review. We will analyze rigorously your request and provide you with the specifications for your final approval to ensure that we are on the same side for all key points. At this step, we will also inform you about the estimated timeline and costs, that will depend on the complexity of the job to be done. This information will be included in the invoice.

  3. Development process. Upon the receipt of the first payment from you, we will commence the development process. We will do our best to create the tool you want in time and strictly in accordance with the specifications agreed on the previous step.

  4. Checking. As soon as the tool will be ready, we will send a demo-version for you to check and confirm that everything works as intended. We will also fix all possible bugs until you will be fully satisfied with your new tool and the way it works. Thus, you will have 10 business days to test the tool and all its features.

  5. If everything is perfect and the tool works well, we will ask you to confirm this, and pay second instalment , and then we will provide you with the source code of the full version. Kindly notice that after this step the refund will be no longer possible.

  6. In case you would like us to supplement the tool with any additional functions outside the scope of initial specifications, we will be happy to discuss this separately.

Payment methods

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Privacy policy

The Logik Solutions company (the Company) agrees that all Intellectual Property Objects shall be the sole and exclusive property of the Client and that all Intellectual Property Rights in the Intellectual Property Objects shall belong exclusively to the Client from the time of the creation of the respective Intellectual Property Objects.

Therefore, the indicators, Expert Advisors, or other Intellectual Property Objects we develop for you will not appear on open access and will not be transmitted to third parties.

The Company provides the Client with a guarantee of the work quality for a period of 14 (fourteen) days from the creation and sending a ready-to-use tool to the Client.